Selecting An Investment Property

There are many factors to consider prior to purchasing an Investment Property in Orlando.  These factors may include whether you want a single-family home (detached) or a condo, if you are planning on using your property for parts of the year (shot-term rentals) or whether you prefer to have it leased for 12 month intervals (long-term rentals), location, budget dollars and long term goals, etc.

At CondoVest we will go over all these factors with you and select the best course of action to ensure that we meet your investment goals, risk tolerance and overall, to make your property investment a success.  Here are some of the most common factors to consider when selecting your Investment Property.

  1. Price:  This is the biggest factor in determining whether the property will bring you positive cash flow and what rate of return on investment.  The price of the property is especially important if you are financing a portion of the purchase price since we want to make sure the rental income is sufficient to cover the mortgage and all other expenses and still provide you with a good rate of return.
  2. Location/Rentability:  You’ve heard it a million times; the 3 most important things in Real Estate are (all together now) Location, Location, Location!  This also holds true when selecting an investment property.  Ideally, for long term rentals the property will be in a good school district, close to shopping and major highways, and with a low crime rate.  Having all three factors will ensure that your property will stay rented and always demanding the highest rents.  For short-term rental properties or vacation homes, we want to make sure that your property is in a community zoned for STR’s and that it is within a 5 mile radius of one of the major theme parks in Central Florida.  Also, the community should be gated with amenities such as clubhouse, pools, activities, etc.
  3. Condition:   Most properties will need a facelift (paint, cleaning, etc.), but it depends on your budget as to how much renovation you can handle.  When we present a property to you it will include an estimate of repairs needed to get the property ready for the rental market.  We also have a list of contractors that have worked with us in the past that we can recommend.  We will gladly oversee all the repairs for you.
  4. Bottom Line/How Much Am I Making on This Deal?  As an investor the bottom line should be your primary concern, it certainly is ours.  At CondoVest we strive to bring you the highest Return on Investment possible by careful selection of properties, tenants and exit strategies.  The bottom line or Return On Investment is calculated as follows:
  • Monthly Rent – Monthly Expenses = Monthly Income
  • Monthly Income x 12 = Yearly Income
  • Yearly Income / Acquisition Costs = Return On Investmen

We will discuss this section individually with you once we learn more about your Property Investment goals.