Celebration Condominiums

CELEBRATIONCelebration, FL Condominiums
Population: 7,427
Demographics: Median age is 39.3; 91 percent white, 1.5 percent black, 11.2 percent Hispanic
Median household income: $93,523
Schools: Celebration School (K-8), Celebration High School; private school is Montessori School of
Celebration (K-8)
Colleges: Stetson University Celebration Campus
Entertainment: Celebration Town Cinema, Radio Disney Live concerts, Oktoberfest, Celebration Art

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Some people refer to it as “the town that Disney built” and as such, some critics have made snarky
remarks about how the town is “too-perfect” with an unreal atmosphere. After all, it has been known
to snow artificially in Celebration, Florida, around the holidays. Despite its detractors, however, Disney
has also been lauded for its vision since it began development of Celebration in the 1990s. It was
named “New Community of the Year” in 2001 by the Urban Land Institute; and residents have flocked
to be a part of the celebration. The population has seen phenomenal growth in a decade from just over
2,700, according to the 2000 Census, to more than 7,000 today.

While EPCOT is the theme-park version of the prototypical community of tomorrow, Celebration is
the real thing. Located in Osceola County near Walt Disney World Resort, it was designed to be a self-
contained community in keeping with the New Urbanism movement that has taken root in Florida with
plenty of walking spaces, nostalgic neighborhood streets and a mix of amenities to satisfy residents’
every want and need. Disney’s intent was to build the ultimate American village with its own businesses,
schools and churches.

Just about anything a resident could want could be found within walking distance of the Celebration
Town Center, which has a mix of shops, banks, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, professional
business services and organizations. If it sounds very similar to Baldwin Park, one of Orlando’s newest
residential developments, that’s because David Pace, a Celebration veteran, went on to spearhead
development of Baldwin Park.

Under the watchful eye of then-Disney CEO Michael Eisner, Celebration was very carefully planned to
protect the Disney brand and became a collaboration between leading planners and architects, as well
as leaders in education, health and technology to create an overall vision and operating policies for the
town. Disney has since divested most of its control of Celebration, in accordance with the master plan.
Still, the officially unincorporated town has a direct tie to the Walt Disney World resorts by way of World
Drive, one of the main thoroughfares in the community that provides a direct route to Disney’s Magic

Many of the town’s landmarks were designed by renowned architects including the post office by
Michael Graves, a Welcome Center by Philip Johnson and the Celebration Health building by Robert
A. M. Stern. Along Celebration Boulevard, buildings reflect an architectural vernacular that blends
Streamline Moderne and Art Deco.

It is estimated that more than 70 percent of the households in Celebration are family households and
nearly 35 percent of them have children under the age of 18. The community’s amenities reflect the
family atmosphere. Celebration has its own schools, hospital, community pool, golf course, soccer fields,
movie cinema, library, gym and fitness center, among other features.

Celebration stages several special events and festivals during the year, including an annual art show,
holiday concert, car festival, Oktoberfest and the Great American Pie Festival, which has been featured
on the Food Network. Despite its cheery atmosphere, however, Celebration has not been able to escape

totally from the realities of the modern world. The town reported its first murder in November 2010.