Windermere Condominiums

WINDERMEREWindermere Condominiums
Population: 2,462
Demographics: Median age is 46; 89.5 percent white, 1.4 percent black, 5.1 percent Hispanic
Median household income: $107,032
Schools: Windermere Elementary School, Sunset Park Elementary School, Keene’s Crossing Elementary
School, Gotha Middle School; private school is Windermere Preparatory School
Entertainment: Back Porch Jam at Town Hall, Windermere Auto Show, Family Food Truck Night.

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Windermere, a wealthy enclave on the west side of Orlando, is known for having famous residents such
as former N’Sync member Joey Fatone, pro basketball player Shaquille O’Neal and golfer Tiger Woods.
It’s a small community of about 2,500 residents, most of whom earn more than $75,000 annually and
many who have million-dollar homes. For example, the estimated median household income in 2009
was $107,032, compared to $44,736 for the rest of the state of Florida.

The town is located on an isthmus between several lakes. Lake Butler is on the west; Lake Down on the
east; and Lake Bessie on the southeast. They are connected through a system of canals forming what is
known as the Butler Chain.

Windermere has been around since 1889 and was chartered in 1925. Due to limited land, it
has remained small for most of its existence; however, in 2007, the town annexed another
wealthy subdivision called Butler Bay. Another neighboring community Isleworth, remains part of
unincorporated Orange County. The gated community contains multimillion-dollar homes, some of
which belong to celebrities. It has the dubious distinction of being the site of the so-called “largest house
in America,” a 90,000 square-feet manse called “Versailles” and owned by David and Jackie Siegel, the
billionaire couple of Westgate Resorts and timeshare fame.

Windemere was also the location of Tiger Woods’ infamous crash of his Cadillac Escalade on
Thanksgiving night 2009, which led to the golfer’s revelations about having a sexual addiction and
ultimately ended his marriage and caused him to lose important sponsors.

Windermere is served by its own police department, but fire and emergency services are provided
by Orange County Fire Rescue, which has a station in the town; Windermere also has its own post
office. The community is served by a town manager and city council form of government as well as an
elected mayor. The current mayor is Gary Bruhn, who is serving his fifth term as mayor of the Town of

The town is served by three different public elementary schools: Windermere Elementary School, Sunset
Park Elementary School, Keene’s Crossing Elementary School. Gotha Middle School is attended by
middle school students. In addition, Windermere is home to Windermere Preparatory School, a private
college preparatory school that educates about 1,000 students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12th.
It opened in 2000.

Because it is a residential community measuring just one square mile, commercial ventures are located
in peripheral areas and include services such as dry cleaners, painters, maid services, attorneys,
Realtors, hair salons and banks. There are a few nearby restaurants such as a coffeehouse, ice cream
shop, pizzeria, sandwich shops.

Windemere’s population is nearly 90 percent white with Hispanics making up about 5 percent of the
population and African-Americans about 1 percent. The median age of its residents is 46.