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Why Choose A Condo Investment?

Prior to purchasing an Orlando condominium investment it is important to decide if this will be your primary residence or a rental unit. This detail will help determine the best location for your condo property. If you plan on living in the property, then Orlando condominiums that are convenient to local restaurants, your place of employment and even various recreational activities will be important factors to consider. Of course, a condo property investment that is intended for rental purposes will still need to be in a good location; however, other factors, such as income potential, will also need to be considered. If you are planning on offering long term rentals, then an Orlando condominium that is close to public transportation and located in a nice neighborhood might be a good investment. However, if your Orlando property investment will be aimed at tourist accommodations, then having a location near area attractions and resorts will certainly be important.

Condo investment properties offers two financial benefits for the investor. The first benefit is in terms of the monthly income that this type of property can provide. Ideally, your choice of a condo property investment will allow for a rental price that can cover all of the expenses for the unit, including financing, taxes, HOA fees and maintenance fees. The other advantage in choosing the right Orlando property investment is that it should appreciate in value. Typically, if you make a good investment choice, your property will continue to rise in value, providing a good return on your investment.

Any Orlando property investment must maintain a positive cash flow in order to provide the ongoing success the investor needs. This means that good quality tenants are essential. One of the best ways to ensure you rent only to the most reliable tenants is to hire an experienced management company to screen all potential tenants prior to leasing. If your condo property investment is located near area resorts, you might want to consider hiring one of the local rental agencies that market and manage accommodations for tourists. Many of these companies offer full management services and will ensure that your Orlando property investment is well-maintained and ready for tenant occupancy. Additionally, this type of service is ideal for investors who do not live in the area. Of course, management fees should be factored into the rental rates you will need to charge for your Orlando condo property investment.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the features that will be appealing for long-term tenants can be very different from what vacation renters will be looking for. People who are looking for long-term rental units will typically be interested in adequate storage, comfortable floor plans and maybe even a garage; however, vacationers will often be more concerned with comfortable sleeping accommodations for several people. Of course, they will also want a unit that is completely furnished. The ideal Orlando property investment will depend on your particular situation.