Orlando Investment Property Management

  • Monthly management service fee (10% of monthly rent)
  • Gross rental commission fee (first month’s rent)
  • NO management fee until rent is received
  • NO over-ride on maintenance or repair work
  • NO monthly charge when the property is vacant

1.     Advertising-The first step in the rental process is letting renters know the property is available.  Therefore, we utilize all available channels including online advertising websites, local print, signs, and co-op referral fees with other brokers.


2.     Tenant Screening-We want good tenants as much as you do!!!  For this reason we submit all applications to a professional company for full background checks, including credit, employment and references.  After collecting the results, we submit the information to the homeowner for final approval.


3.     Security Deposits-For additional protection we always collect the appropriate security deposits from the prospective tenant.  Tenants with pets are required to pay an additional deposit with a percentage being non-refundable (if approved by the owner).  All deposits are held until the successful completion of the lease terms.  Damages to the property will be covered by the security deposit.


4.     Rent Collection-Rent is usually due on the first of the month with a 4 day grace period.  Once the rent is collected we ensure the check is approved through our bank.  This may take 3 to 5 business days.  For this reason we deposit rents into owners accounts no later than the 10th of each month.  Late notices are sent on the 6th and if the tenant fails to make payment arrangements we commence the eviction process.  We manage every step of the eviction process if the tenant fails to pay the rent.
5.     Property Inspections-Our main goal is to protect your investment property and to make sure it is kept in excellent condition.  For this reason we perform a move-in inspection with the tenant, routine inspections during the lease term, and periodic “drive-by’s”.  If a tenant has not shown good-faith by meeting their maintenance obligations, we begin proceedings to correct violations at tenant’s expense.


6.     Tenant Customer Service-A happy tenant makes a happy owner!!!  We go above and beyond to maintain good tenants by answering service calls quickly, making ourselves available 24 hours a day for emergency maintenance, and more importantly, establishing a strong tenant landlord-relationship.  We will act in your best interest to ensure you save on future commission fees and loss of positive cash flow by trying our best to minimize tenant turnover.


7.     Bill Payment and Financial Reporting-Every month you will receive detailed accounting of rental income minus monthly expenses.  Aside from the management fee, expenses could include HOA payments, repairs, and incidentals.  We keep all work orders and receipts in your file and will provide duplicates via email once the work is performed to help with tax preparations.


8.     Maintenance and Repairs-We have professionals on call to perform all repairs required.  By working closely and consistently with the same contractors, we ensure our homeowners the best service at the best prices.  We may also make suggestions from time to time on improvements to make your investment more profitable and attractive to prospective buyers or renters.  We also coordinate post tenancy cleaning and pest control.

* What is Not Covered?

1.    Mortgage & Tax Payments-The homeowner will be responsible for making these payments

2.   Legal Fees

3.   Evictions-Additional fees are required to evict a tenant; we will discuss these on a case by case basis.